Le Mix de ToToM #104 : Disco Rangers Airplane

Le Mix de ToToM, c’est deux lundis par mois (les 2ème et 4ème) à 21h30 sur L’Autre Radio, rediffusé samedi soir à 23h.

Le Mix de ToToM is aired two Mondays (2nd and 4th) per month at 9:30 PM (8:30 PM in London, 3:30 PM in Boston & 1:30 PM in San Francisco) on L’Autre Radio, rerun on Saturday night 11PM.

  • ToToM – The Disco Rangers’ Airplane Knows Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane vs. Skrillex)
  • Wombats – Techno Fan (Diplo remix)
  • ToToM – Your Dog’ll Never Win (Stooges vs. Fischerspooner)
  • Stupéflip – Stupéflip Vite !!!
  • James Brown – Happy Birthday from Fatboy Slim
  • Prick – I Apologize
  • Death Grips – I Want it I Need it
  • Prick – Three Rings
  • Stupéflip – C’est un Tube

special « Mild Things vol. II »

  • Mighty Mike – September Really Ends (Culture Club vs. Green Day)
  • Mighty Mike – Wake me up to Hurt me (Green Day vs. Culture Club)
  • Mighty Mike – Cocoon People (Village People vs. Cocoon)
  • Mighty Mike – In my Novocaine Halo (Beyoncé vs. Greenday & Coldplay)

  • ToToM – Silence in the Sound (Simon & Garfunkel vs. Weezer)
  • Rita Mitsouko – All Tomorrow’s Parties (Velvet Underground cover)
  • Etienne Daho – Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground cover)
  • Mike Patton – Twin Primes

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