Support me on Patreon (Make a Mash)

After my kickstarter campaign didn’t reach its goal, I set up a Patreon page, it’s more a long term thing and it should fit more my initial intentions, about selling my « mashup services » basically. I added a reward (a USB key), but I let you check it out:


So, let me be your mashup puppet and help me replace my old mashup machinery. Much much more details on the Patreon page.

A Mix of Peanuts and Other Snacks (ToToM vs. Shoefiti)

An EP of 6 mashups between garage rock and modern psych — whatever defines Shoefiti’s style — using songs’ instrumentals from their album « Coriolis » (2015) which you should give a listen, as well as their past and future releases.

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Bastard Pop Depression EP

5 mashups mixing Iggy Pop and Queens of the Stone Age, very different from the great Post Pop Depression that’s coming in 2 weeks. Well, just check it out by yourself.