El Q (Queens of the Stone Age vs. El-P)

This one is a mashup album where you’ll be able to hear Queens of the Stone Age vocals (mainly) over tracks produced by El-P (solo work, RTJ & Killer Mike). It consists in 14 tracks, 2 bonus tracks and 3 edits, all of them following the same concept, rock vocals over hip-hop instrumentals, which I… Continue reading El Q (Queens of the Stone Age vs. El-P)

A Mix of Peanuts and Other Snacks (ToToM vs. Shoefiti)

An EP of 6 mashups between garage rock and modern psych — whatever defines Shoefiti’s style — using songs’ instrumentals from their album « Coriolis » (2015) which you should give a listen, as well as their past and future releases. A Mix of Peanuts and Other Snacks by ToToM vs. Shoefiti

Silence in the Sound

Ca fait (trop) longtemps que je n’avais rien posté. Mais avant de balancer tous les morceaux inédits que j’ai produits en 2011, voici ce que je considère comme un de mes meilleurs mashups, avec une vidéo de Mister Nono (à ne pas confondre avec DJ Nono alias Instamatic). Weezer accompagné de Simon & Garfunkel, deux… Continue reading Silence in the Sound

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I Wanna Go to Paradise

Voici mon dernier mashup, le premier produit en 2012, entre deux « plaisirs coupables » sortis en 2011. Vidéo par Jarod Ripley. Here’s my latest mashups, also the first one I made in 2012, between two « guilty pleasure » songs released in 2011. Video by Jarod Ripley. Britney Spears – I Wanna Go vs. Coldplay – Paradise I… Continue reading I Wanna Go to Paradise

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