Le Mix de ToToM #82 : Gonna Mix It

Cette semaine, un mix un peu plus énergique que d’habitude avec un long passage d’électro puissante. Hippies, passez votre chemin :P.

Tous les mercredis à 19h sur L’Autre Radio, rediffusée samedi soir à 23h.

This week, this mix will be more powerful than usual, with a long series of electro bangers. Hippies, pass on this one.

Every Wednesday at 7 PM (6 PM in London, 1 PM in Boston & 10 AM in San Francisco) on L’Autre Radio, rerun on Saturday night 11PM.

  • ToToM – Gonna Write It (Hello Bye Bye vs. Beatles)
  • Team 9 – Phoenix Get Cured (Phoenix vs. Cure)
  • ToToM – March of the 1,000,000 Pigs (Nine Inch Nails vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  • Gang of Four – Glass (re-recorded)
  • Aphte Punk – New Derezzed Boom Boom Noise (Refused, Black Eyed Peas, Images & M.O.P. vs. Daft Punk)
  • ViC – Muse Superstar (Muse vs. Aeroplane & The Krays)
  • Flying White Dots – Hold on for your Lives (Lisa Stansfield vs. Vitalic)
  • ToToM – Plug in Lives (Muse vs. Vitalic)
  • ToToM – Swedish House Police (Police vs. Swedish House Police)
  • ToToM – Hey Bullet Hey Proof (La Roux vs. Chemical Brothers & Soulwax)
  • Elocnep – Pistol & Heart Star (Oasis vs. Bloody Beetroots)
  • Skrillex – My Name is Skrillex
  • ToToM – Do the Right Funk (Redhead Kingpin and The F.B.I vs. Daft Punk)
  • Muse – Feeling Good (Fr33m4n’s Dubstep Bootleg)
  • ToToM – New Harry (Them Crooked Vultures vs. Gorillaz)
  • Foals – Spanish Sahara

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