Come out of 2008

Pour terminer l’année, voici quelques bootlegs bien différents, le plus intéressant et aussi plus récent étant celui qui mélange trois morceaux rock bien connus, il y aussi mon remix du single de Franz Ferdinand, Ulysses (j’ai attendu trop longtemps pour le soumettre au concours sur Beatport, la présence de deux deux versions n’est pas innocente). Il y a aussi deux bootlegs avec La Phaze (sûrement pas les derniers), groupe que j’apprécie énormément.

To end the year, here are few eclectic bootlegs, the most interesting and most recent being the one mixing three well-known rock songs, as well as my remix of Franz Ferdinand’s latest single, Ulysses (I waited too much to submit it to the Beatport remix contest, hesitating between the two versions of this remix, preferring the first one in the end). There are also two bootlegs featuring La Phaze (some people might have seen them in London back in January 2007), I really appreciate their music.

Offspring – Come Out and Play (Keep ’em Separated) vs. Nirvana – In Bloom vs. Billy Idol – White Wedding (part 1)

Come Out in Bloom for a White Wedding / alt. link / MediaFire link

Arcade Fire – Black Mirror vs. La Phaze – Little Face

Black Face / alt. link / MediaFire link

La Phaze – Little Face vs. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

Some Great Little Face / alt. link / MediaFire link

Britney Spears – Gimme More vs. Hole – Plump

Plump Britney / alt. link / MediaFire link

Queens of the Stone Age – Sick Sick Sick vs. Uriah Heep – Bird of Prey

Sick Bird of Sick Prey / alt. link / MediaFire link

Here’s a remix I made, the first one I ever posted here.

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (ToToM remix) / alt. link / MediaFire link

ToToM remix v2 / alt. link / MediaFire link

And finally, here’s Zebra’s remix of my bootleg « Every Kind of Creep »

Radiohead – Creep vs. Robert Palmer – Every Kind of People

Every Kind of Creep (Zebra remix) / alt. link / MediaFire link