Bootwards 2 : Mash Up Side Down

Here’s Bootwards 2 : Mash Up Side Down. After doing the Bootleg is Resistance (I still have a surprise for this), I needed something easier maybe, I already had a couple of bootlegs fitting to the original concept (rock acapellas over hip-hop/pop instrumentals) and many RockBand multitracks to use. This time, I asked for help to my fellow French bootlegger friends (Mighty Mike, Bogoss, ElectroSound, The Bootleague, Métamix, MichMash, Sebwax, Comar) who contributed to 11 mashups over 36. I managed to do a 80 minutes mix, I hope you’ll enjoy it, just click on the cover picture (made by Fissunix).

Voici Bootwards 2 : Mash Up Side Down. Après Bootleg is Resistance (surprise à venir), j’avais besoin de quelque chose moins prise de tête, j’avais déjà deux bootlegs prêts collant parfaitement au concept d’origine (acapellas rock sur instrus hip-hop ou pop) et beaucoup de multitracks tirés de RockBand à utiliser. Cette fois-ci j’ai demandé de l’aide à mes collègues bootleggers français (Mighty Mike, Bogoss, ElectroSound, The Bootleague, Métamix, MichMash, Sebwax, Comar) qui ont contribué pour 11 des 36 morceaux. J’ai réussi à faire un mix qui tienne en moins de 80 minutes, j’espère que vous l’apprécierez, cliquez simplement sur la cover (par Fissunix).

(Length: 79:22, Size: 124 MB)

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direct link to the MP3 of the mix (Length: 79:22, Size: 124 MB)

For the tracklisting and to download the tracks individually, check by the end of this post.

Pour le détails des morceaux et pour pouvoir télécharger ceux-ci dans leur version entière, voyez la suite de ce post.

Voici donc les pistes à télécharger une à une, avec deux versions alternatives en bonus tracks, mais je pense qu’il est d’abord préférable d’écouter le mix, plus agréable à mon goût et moins long.

And finally, here are the individual tracks you can download, with two alternative versions as bonus tracks. However I think it’s better for you listen to the mix first, more enjoyable in my opinion and half as long as all tracks in their full length.

  1. ToToM – Shame on a Bootlegga (System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails & Queens of the Stone Age vs. Wu-Tang Clan) / alt. link
  2. ToToM – What’s my Bloom (Nirvana vs. Snoop Dogg) / alt. link
  3. ToToM – Sister Affair (edit) (Queens of the Stone Age vs. Mary J. Blige) / alt. link
  4. ToToM – Xxplosivity (System of a Down vs. Dr. Dre) / alt. link
  5. ToToM – The Perfect Spazz (Nine Inch Nails vs. N.E.R.D.) / alt. link
  6. ToToM – Rio a Girl Eminem Wants (Devo & Duran Duran vs. Eminem) / alt. link
  7. ToToM – One Minute Hysteria (Muse vs. Missy Elliott) / alt. link
  8. ToToM – Je Dis Ghetto (M vs. Pras) / alt. link
  9. Mighty MikeCalifornia Sky (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Kanye West) / alt. link
  10. ToToM – Dani Rock your Popular Body (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Nada Surf vs. Justin Timberlake) / alt. link
  11. ToToM – Shining Bright Roses (Black Strobe vs. Outkast) / alt. link
  12. Mighty MikeSympathy for Estelle (Rolling Stones vs. Estelle) / alt. link
  13. ToToM – American Telephone (Telephone vs. Estelle) / alt. link
  14. ToToM – Break the Echoplex (Nine Inch Nails vs. Britney Spears) / alt. link
  15. ToToM – Gimme More Nights Like This (The Cure vs. Britney Spears) / alt. link
  16. MetamixHard to Release (Hard Fi vs. Timbaland) / alt. link
  17. The BootleagueGroove is in the Black Hole Sun (edit) (Soundgarden vs. Dee Lite) / alt. link
  18. ToToM – Gouge a Simple Way I Are (Pixies & Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Timbaland) / alt. link
  19. ToToM – Say Goodbye to Zero (Smashing Pumpkins vs. Kenna) / alt. link
  20. ToToM – Should I Control or Should I Go Out (The Clash vs. Kenna) / alt. link
  21. ToToM – Dare to Testify (Rage Against the Machine vs. Gorillaz) / alt. link
  22. ToToM – The Way You Believe in a Thing Called Love (The Darkness vs. Outkast) / alt. link
  23. MichMashCan’t Stand Beggin’ You (Police vs. Madcon) / alt. link
  24. ToToM – Police Rolling over Stone Britney (Police & Rolling Stones vs. Britney Spears) / alt. link
  25. ToToM РFeel Ace Inc. (Moțrhead vs. Gorillaz) / alt. link
  26. SebwaxGoodbye my Roots (James Blunt vs. The Roots) / alt. link
  27. ToToM – Lil’ Rockawayne Beach (Ramones vs. Lil’ Wayne) / alt. link
  28. Bogoss – Don’t Look Back at You (Oasis vs. Warren G) / alt. link
  29. Bogoss – Tell me All Good (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. De La Soul) / alt. link
  30. ComarWonderlie (Oasis vs. Black Eyed Peas) / alt. link
  31. ToToM – Oasis in a Bottle (Oasis vs. Christina Aguilera) / alt. link
  32. ToToM – Last Superstar (Nine Inch Nails vs. Cypress Hill) / alt. link
  33. ToToM – The Cobra and the Thief (Wolfmother vs. Teddybears) / alt. link
  34. Bogoss – Green Day dans la Roche (Green Day vs. Sniper) / alt. link
  35. ToToM – Are Gonna Be my Umbrella (Jet vs. Rihanna) / alt. link
  36. ElectroSoundFall Out Dre (edit) (Fall Out Boy vs. Dr. Dre) / alt. link
  37. ToToM – Sister Affair (full length version) (bonus track) (Queens of the Stone Age vs. Mary J. Blige) / alt. link
  38. The BootleagueGroove is in the Black Hole Sun (bonus track) (Soundgarden vs. Dee Lite) / alt. link

Bootwards 2 individual tracks into a zip file / alt. link / MegaUpload / / MediaFire directory (234 MB)

Of course, you can find this album on your favorite torrents trackers, Waffles, Demonoid, Mininova, TorrentBox, maybe Pirate Bay (feel free to upload it over there, I couldn’t).

Re-release of Bootwards, long mix and individual tracks. temporary link, more soon.