Le Mix de ToToM #44 : Pure Mash

Voici un nouveau Mix de ToToM.

Tous les mardis à 18h sur L’Autre Radio ET Maxxhits Bootlegs, rediffusée samedi soir à 23h sur la première des deux ainsi que Vendredi 21h, Samedi 10h, Lundi 05h, Mardi 17h sur Maxxhits Bootlegs.

Let me introduce you to a new Mix de ToToM.

Every Tuesday at 6 PM on L’Autre Radio AND Maxxhits Bootlegs, rerun on Saturday night 11PM, as well as every Friday at 9 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, Monday at 5 AM, Tuesday at 5 PM on Maxxhits.

  • ToToM – Pure Rock (Smashing Pumpkins vs. Placebo)
  • ToToM – Dirty Fang (Gorillaz vs. Them Crooked Vultures)
  • ToToM – Song Like 2 Spirits (Blur vs. Nirvana)
  • ToToM – Like an Ace of Spades (Madonna vs. Motörhead)
  • ToToM – Air 52’s (B52’s vs. Air)
  • DJ Moule – The Chemical Clash (Clash vs. Chemical Brothers)
  • Divide & Kreate – Phantom, part III (Clash vs. Justice)
  • ElectroSound – Bullet Game (La Roux vs. Shakedown)
  • ElectroSound – Superstitious Whoa (Stevie Wonder & Marvin Gaye vs. A-Trak)
  • DJ Moule – Heard my Way Through the 80’s (Marvin Gaye & Lenny Kravitz vs. Calvin Harris)
  • Elocnep – Pon de Bonkers (Dizzee Rascal vs. Major Lazer)
  • ElectroSound – Fringe Element Gets Down on it (Kool & the Gang vs. Beni)
  • ToToM – Metal in the Sky (Nine Inch Nails vs. Gary Numan)
  • ElectroSound – Tell me your Favorite Things (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Golden Filter)
  • ZzebraA – The Day (We Fell in Love) (Apaloosa cover)
  • Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink (acapella)
  • Lobsterdust – Alone wit Chu (Queens of the Stone Age vs. Air)
  • Mad Mix Mustang – From the Heart of Glass (Blondie vs. Philip Glass)

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