GYBO Challenge (Cure)

Here are three mashups I made for the GYBO Cure challenge. Plus a mashup I forgot to post last time, but as it’s french singers over an overused instrumental, you might find it completely uninteresting.

Voilà trois bootlegs faits pour le Challenge Cure sur GYBO. Ainsi qu’un mashup que j’ai oublié de poster la dernière fois, car plutôt marrant mais pas très intéressant.

Cure – The Hanging Garden vs. Justice – Waters of Nazareth

The Hanging Gardens of Nazareth (alt. link / MediaFire link)

Clash – Train in Vain vs. Cure – In Between Days

In Between Trains, in Vain (alt. link / MediaFire link)

Stuck in the Sound – Toy Boy vs. Cure – In Between Days

Stuck in Between Sounds (alt. link / MediaFire link)

Yelle – Je Veux te Voir vs. Katerine – Excuse-moi vs. Nelly Furtado – Maneater

Excuse-moi, je veux voir la mangeuse d’hommes (alt. link / MediaFire link)