With Boots (2006)

Voici ce dont je suis le plus fier dans tout ce que j’ai produit cette année, j’ai eu relativement peu de retour de la part de la communauté des bootleggers mais cet album de mashups a circulé chez beaucoup de fans de Nine Inch Nails dans le monde et j’ai eu beaucoup de retours enthousiastes de la part de fans sur cet album.

Il y a une page dédiée mais vous devriez plutôt télécharger l’album dans un zip (cliquer sur le lien juste vant la liste des morceaux) ou bien les pistes une à une.

Here is what I’ve been the most proud of this year. I got relatively few feedback from the community of bootleggers however this mashup album circulated quite a lot around the Internet and has been heard by many Nine Inch Nails fans all around the world, plus I got many enthusiastic feedback from NIN fans on this album.

There’s a dedicated webpage but you’d rather download the whole album into one big zip file (click on the link right before the track listing) or each single track one by one (see below the image).

01 . All the Love in the Revelator

02 . You Know These Boots are Getting Smaller

03 . Radio Live Collector

04 . The Hand that's No Fun

05 . Love is not Precious

06 . Every Light Pours out Exactly the Same

07 . Da Ya Think my Teeth are Sexy

08 . Get Down Only

09 . Another Spot in the Sun, part II

10 . We're in this Blurred Line Together

11 . Beside You Heroes

12 . Right Where Clint Belongs

bonus tracks

13 . John the T.V. Eye

14 . Beside You in Swastika Eyes

15 . The Island that Loves

16 . Only Fame

17 . Xerces the Collector

18 . Fight Club is not Enough