Le Mix de ToToM #59 : Plastic Shup Rebooted

Cette semaine une émission dédiée à trois albums, inclus le mien,The Shup, Brit-Pop Rebooted par l’excellent Reborn Identity et Plastic Beach de Gorillaz avec un mashup exclusif comme petite gâterie.

Tous les mardis à 18h sur L’Autre Radio, rediffusée samedi soir à 23h.

This week, a radio show about three albums, including The Shup by your host, Brit-Pop Rebooted by Reborn Identity the great and Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach with an exclusive mashup as a surprise.

Every Tuesday at 6 PM on L’Autre Radio, rerun on Saturday night 11PM.

  • ToToM – Genesis – 1,000,000 B.C. (Nine Inch Nails vs. Justice)
  • ToToM – Head Down Rother (Nine Inch Nails vs. Death in Vegas)
  • ToToM – No Demon Lost (Nine Inch Nails vs. LCD Soundsystem)
  • The Reborn Identity – Rebel Stereo (David Bowie vs. Supergrass)
  • The Reborn Identity – Rock ‘N’ Roll Debaser (Pixies vs. Oasis)
  • The Reborn Identity – Spirit World (Radiohead vs. Morcheeba, Digitalism & Eliza Lumley)
  • Mad Mix Mustang – Holiday of Choice (Dead Kennedys vs. Fatboy Slim)
  • Dunproofin’ – Only Mashups Can Break your Heart (David Bowie vs. Saint Etienne plus U2 and the Soup Dragons)
  • ToToM – The Four of us are Heartless (Kanye West vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  • Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon – Empire Ants
  • ToToM – Woman Freezer (Britney Spears vs. Gorillaz)
  • Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed – Some Kind of Nature
  • Gorillaz – Pirate Jet

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