Le Mix de ToToM #48 : Upmix Downmix

Cette semaine, un Mix de ToToM inhabituel avec plusieurs styles de musique encore jamais entendus dans ce mix.

Tous les mardis à 18h sur L’Autre Radio ET Maxxhits Bootlegs, rediffusée samedi soir à 23h sur la première des deux ainsi que Vendredi 21h, Samedi 10h, Lundi 05h, Mardi 17h sur Maxxhits Bootlegs.

This week, a Mix de ToToM rather unusual with styles of music never heard in this mix before.

Every Tuesday at 6 PM on L’Autre Radio AND Maxxhits Bootlegs, rerun on Saturday night 11PM, as well as every Friday at 9 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, Monday at 5 AM, Tuesday at 5 PM on Maxxhits.

  • The Bootleague – Star Trust (Trust vs. John Williams & Star Wars Force Commander)
  • ElectroSound – Tell me your Favorite Things (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. The Golden Filter)
  • Marc Johnce – Don’t Get my Bad Romance Wrong (Lady Gaga vs. The Pretenders)
  • ToToM – Wouldn’t You Be my Baby (Beach Boys vs. Ronettes)
  • ToToM – Jerks on Film (Duran Duran vs. Caesars)
  • Kleptones – Voodoo Sabotage (Beastie Boys vs. Prodigy)
  • Kleptones – Can’t Be Paranoid (Garbage & Diana Ross vs. Genesis)
  • Kleptones – Destiny and Tenacity (Genesis & Hives vs. Black Strobe…)
  • ToToM – For Those Abwehr to Disco (ACDC vs. Black Strobe)
  • ToToM – Seven Nation Mashup (Blur & Nirvana vs. Whites Stripes)
  • ToToM – Should Pigs Stay or Should They March (Clash vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  • ToToM – Bootlegger Rhapsody (Ramones, NIN & David Bowie vs. Queen)
  • DJ Athom – Get up for Paradise (Bob Marley vs. Coolio & Stevie Wonder)
  • ToToM – Teardrops Fly Around (Massive Attack, Lenny Kravitz vs. Justin Timberlake)
  • Phil Retrospector – XOXodus (Bob Marley & Pixies vs. Ulrich Schnauss)
  • LeeDM101 – The One I Looped (R.E.M. vs. The Doors)

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