Le Mix de ToToM #23 : Fall Out Glory

Un mix éclectique, avec que des bootlegs cette fois-ci.

Tous les mardis à 18h30, rediffusée samedi soir à 1h sur L’Autre Radio ainsi que Vendredi 21h, Samedi 10h, Lundi 05h, Mardi 17h sur Maxxhits Bootlegs.

An eclectic mix entirely made of bootlegs this time.

Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM on L’Autre Radio, rerun on Saturday night 1AM, as well as every Friday at 9 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, Monday at 5 AM, Tuesday at 5 PM on Maxxhits Bootlegs.

  • The Bootleague – Groove is in the Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden vs. Deee Lite)
  • ToToM – Freight Train Control (Bob Dylan vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
  • Eddie Pedalo – Standing in the Way of Apache (The Gossip vs. Incredible Bongo Band)
  • DJ Schmolli presents Iron Order – In-A-Gadda Blue Monday (Iron Butterfly vs. New Order)
  • ToToM – What’s my Bloom (Nirvana vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg)
  • ToToM – Are You Gonna Be my Umbrella (Jet vs. Rihanna)
  • ToToM – Fire Coming out of Oxford Town (Bob Dylan vs. Gorillaz)
  • Mighty Mike – Fall Out Gloria (Fall Out Boy vs. Gloria Gaynor)
  • Amoraboy – The Twist of Single Ladies (Beyoncé vs. Chubby Checker)
  • ToToM – All Along the Love Lockdown (Bob Dylan vs. Kanye West)
  • ToToM – Hang on to the Highway (edit) (David Bowie vs. Deep Purple)
  • ToToM – Tambourines are from Barcelona (Bob Dylan vs. I’m from Barcelona)
  • Team 9 – Unpredictable Lay (Jamie Foxx vs. Bob Dylan)
  • ToToM – The Warning of Love (Nine Inch Nails vs. Burt Bacharach)
  • ToToM – Hidden Sum (Björk vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  • ToToM – Mosquito Superstition (Stevie Wonder vs. Queens of the Stone Age)

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