Le Mix de ToToM #17 : Ace of Extra Ball

Un mix avec du vieux (Björk vs. Cure), du neuf (Yuksek vs. Motörhead), en tout cas avec du bon.

Tous les mardis à 18h30, rediffusée samedi soir à 1h sur L’Autre Radio ainsi que Vendredi 21h, Samedi 10h, Lundi 05h, Mardi 17h sur Maxxhits Bootlegs.

A « mix de ToToM » featuring some old ones (Björk vs. Cure), new ones (Yuksek vs. Motörhead), anyway that’s a good one.

Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM on L’Autre Radio, rerun on Saturday night 1AM, as well as every Friday at 9 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, Monday at 5 AM, Tuesday at 5 PM on Maxxhits Bootlegs.

  • ToToM – Arcade Division (Joy Division vs. Arcade Fire)
  • ToToM vs. A+D – $20 Monday (M.I.A. vs. New Order)
  • KrazyBen – The Way Models Are (Keri Hilson featuring Timbaland vs. Kraftwerk)
  • ToToM – Papa Was Right Here (Temptations vs. Fatboy Slim)
  • ToToM – Mr. Trick Too (Clipse featuring Pharell vs. Prodigy)
  • ToToM – Young Americans Stand Up (David Bowie vs. Prodigy)
  • ToToM – All Chop Beats Now (System of a Down & Free vs. Prodigy)
  • Oasis – Falling Down (Prodigy mix)
  • Prodigy – Rave Invaders (Invaders Must Die!! HxC Kitta rmx MKII)
  • Elocnep – Eleanor Goes with the Flow (Beatles vs. Queens of the Stone Age)
  • ToToM – Ace of Extra Ball (Yuksek vs. Motörhead)
  • Elocnep – Nirvana Remix by D&K vs. Will I Am
  • Loo & Placido – Black Beatles (Beatles vs. Black Eyed Peas)
  • Loo & Placido – Should I Stay or Should I Boogie (Michael Jackson vs. Clash)
  • Reborn Identity – Sour Glass (Blondie & Kanye West vs. Portishead)
  • ToToM – By The Time I Get Lost There Won’t Be Much Of A K Hole (Grand National vs. Chemical Brothers)
  • ToToM – Grip like a Reckoner (Go! Team vs. Radiohead)
  • Gordyboy – A Hidden Forest (Björk vs. Cure)

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