Le Mix de ToToM #3 : Best of 2008

Voici un mix qui regroupe certains des bootlegs que j’ai le plus appréciés en 2008.

Tous les mardis à 18h30 et samedis soir à 1h sur L’Autre Radio ainsi que Vendredi 21h, Samedi 10h, Lundi 05h, Mardi 17h sur Maxxhits Bootlegs.

This mix gathers some of the bootlegs I loved the most during this year 2008.

Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM on L’Autre Radio as well as every Friday at 9 PM, Saturday at 10 AM, Monday at 5 AM, Tuesday at 5 PM on Maxxhits Bootlegs.

  • The Bootleague – Groove is in the Black Hole Sun (edit) (Soundgarden vs. Dee Lite)
  • Divide & Kreate – Phantom part III (Clash vs. Justice)
  • Divide & Kreate – Until it Talks (Metallica vs. Coldplay & Thin White Duke)
  • Lobsterdust – Put on the Red Light (Police vs. Coldplay & Thin White Duke)
  • DJ Zebra – Golden Blonde (Blondie vs. Klaxons)
  • Markyboy – Back to the Ritz v2 (Ella Fitzgerald vs. Amy Winehouse)
  • Mighty Mike – Feel it (Michael Jackson vs. Gorillaz)
  • Jimmi Jammes – Womanizer Blaster (Britney Spears vs. Stevie Wonder)
  • G3rst – No Squirrel No Cry (Bob Marley vs. Squirrel Nut Zippers)
  • ToToM – Boot Innocuous v2 (Franz Ferdinand, Devo & Radiohead vs. LCD Soundsystem & Soulwax)
  • ToToM – Come out in Bloom for a White Wedding (Offspring vs. Nirvana vs. Billy Idol)
  • ToToM – Bootlegger Rhapsody (Ramones, NIN & David Bowie vs. Queen)
  • DJ Y alias JY – Don’t Let it Be in Anger (Oasis vs. Beatles)
  • Brat – Easy Heaven (Cure vs. Commodores)
  • MadMixMustang – Take it Easy on me (A-Ha vs. Commodores)
  • Colatron – Twin Hearts (Kylie Minogue vs. Angelo Badalamenti)
  • Flying White Dots – Vanity (Carly Simon vs. DJ Shadow)

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